Changes to Self-Certification Arrangements




The Government has announced a temporary amendment to the Statutory Sick Pay [Medical Evidence] Regulations covering the period from 17th December until 26th January 2022. This means that whilst normally an employee would be required to provide medical information [in the form of a Med 3 certificate] in relation to their fitness to work after 7 days absence, this period is being extended to 28 days, before such certification is required.

This will apply to any period of sickness absence that commenced between 17th December 2021 and 26th January 2022, or for periods of illness that commenced prior to 17th December, but had not on that date lasted more than seven days, and so the requirement to provide medical certification had not yet occurred, that is, from 10th December 2021 This change has been announced to assist General Practice teams to free up capacity to deliver the Covid 19 Vaccination programme and concurrently maintain urgent patient care.

Published: Dec 22, 2021